“The Water Filter (SUKHI222) project is concerned with the need for students, health clinic patients and staff, community members and volunteers or NGO workers to access clean, pure drinking water. This has been accomplished through creative team-building efforts across national and regional divides. I helped to bring more water filters to an area where some water filters had already been installed and documented. I have returned to the Silgadhi office in order to participate in efforts to monitor and evaluate the progress of these measures. In addition to basic education regarding water quality and health, I have helped to model handwashing as a means of reducing disease. The level of bacterial contamination in the water and among the student and teacher body (in individual beings’ bodies and as a community of living beings in a dynamic ecosystem) especially is to be monitored. I am honored to work with members of the CDC to understand how this substance, so vital to life, can make education and healthy living a reality for the most impoverished in the schools of Nepal.”

From Matthew Michel, volunteer teacher and SUKHI222 volunteer