” [The] ‘Home Grown School Feeding Program’… focuses on agricultural production and children’s health. In earlier days, the World Food Program (WFP) was a responsible organization to ensure the school meals of every government school in Doti District.  But nowadays, this program is run by the Nepal Government and WFP acts as a Donor Organization. Under the financial support of WFP and Mercy Corps, Community Development Center (CDC)-DOTI is running this program in [the] Doti District. Nine Agriculture technicians are appointed at nine municipalities/rural municipalities… They are carrying out training, forming the farmers’ groups and ensuring the school meal continuation status at all municipalities/rural municipalities. This program focuses on increasing agricultural production of small farmers [who] then… sell it to the cooperatives and the school will buy from it. It promotes local production and ensures that the production is utilized in their own locality… [The] malnutrition problem is minimized… with [a] fresh…quality supply of commodities for school meals. Not only that, but the attendance rate has also risen, gender and caste equality is… [more equitable.]”

From Ms. Santoshi Malla, of CDC