Community Development Center (CDC) is a non-government, non-profitmaking organization registered (1992) under the Institution Registration Act of 1978. It is also registered as an NGO with the Social Welfare Council. The CDC is a group whose mission is to cater for the needs of the developing communities, enabling children and other marginalized persons through grassroots efforts and collaborations with institutions and aligned organizations. Since its founding, the CDC has been dedicated to uplifting the condition of the impoverished and the disadvantaged by designing sustainable income and employment programs through a participatory and inclusive process.  Recent efforts include school lunch contributions, literacy campaigns, and agricultural livelihood initiatives.

संस्थाका मूल्य मान्यता

लक्षित वर्ग

प्राथमिक लक्षित समुह : दलित ,द्घन्दबाट प्रभावित, HIV/AIDS वाट प्रभावित, अपाङ्गता भएका, सिमान्तकृत तथा गरिव यूवा तथा वालवालीका ।

द्वितिय लक्षित समुह : वाल — युवा क्लव तथा संजालका सदस्यहरु, वि.ब्य.स.,गाउँ शिक्षा समिति, गाउँ वाल संरक्षण समिति, पढाई विकास सहजकर्ता, तथा जिल्लामा अवस्थित सरोकारवालाहरु

मुख्य कार्यक्षेत्रहरु

संस्थागत नीति तथा नियमहरु

संजाल सदस्यता