CDC Doti is an NGO working for the social and economic empowerment of people living in the Far Western region of Nepal. The CDC was established on 16/09/2049 B.S (about 30 years ago.) During this period, the CDC worked with government and non-government agencies in social and economic sectors. More importantly, the CDC supports the rural communities through advocacy for the development and the prosperity of the region’s peoples.  These efforts are bolstered via local level planning, monitoring and downward accountability to the government and non-government agencies. In the last 3 decades, the CDC Doti has developed strong networks and professional relationships among various alliances, networks and structures in the district.   These relationships have supported the voices of beneficiaries through coordination and collaboration.

CDC Doti is the Regional Coordinator (of) Children as Zones of Peace (CZOP) and has been supporting partners from other districts to implement the CZOP campaign. It is also a member of National Education Campaign (NEC), NGO Federation, District Child Welfare Board (DCWB), District Early Childhood Development Coordination Committee, District Curriculum Evaluation Committee, District Level Human Rights Network, District Food Security Committee, District Social Security and Coordination Committee.

The Center has a wealth of experience in social mobilization, education, livelihood enhancement, youth mobilization, child rights, child protection, health, nutrition and sanitation partnering with various INGOs, bilateral agencies and the local government bodies and district line agencies.

Over the long journey of the CDC’s path, we have obtained financial and in-kind support from government and international non-government agencies, private sectors, civil societies, media and other individuals. We would like to express great thanks to all our supporters and collaborating organizations, groups and individuals.

Hem Raj Joshi


CDC Doti